Unable to claim BAT rewards from past months

I don’t believe you’ve lost your BAT, @GangstaChamp21.
There’s another thread similar to yours where Support was active. I’m going to link to it…

…in hopes that @steeven will notice it and pop in here. I would wait to DM him until he requests it, as he probably has a high volume of DMs right now and yours could get lost.

You could also try this Fix while you wait…

…make sure you read the whole thread, it was updated 2 days ago. (EDIT: Also, that^ is the old version, you should have what I show, below.)

And @JohnDproof suggested this to another user to try:

He also offered a little insight about payments:

In short, with payout looming, it probably accounts for a good deal of the (confusing) changes many of us are seeing (BAT estimate/ ads/ next pay date) right now.

When you say the latest version, do you have this?

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