My Brave rewards all gone

I was supposed to get my Brave reward today which was about 3.1 BAT. But I didn’t get a single BAT, in fact all my brave rewards has vanish, not even in my account. I am using Gemini wallet

It happens to me exactly the same, in the current state it says that the payments to uphold (what I use) are pending, however that is not my fear, what happens is that the BATs that I accumulated the previous month do not appear.

same with me too
but we just need to wait until the official post says payment done ( from payments pending )

lets hope for the best and just wait(as this happens quite often now)

They need to recorrect that its like some are favoured some are not, it makes people think its a scam,

You should wait until the payment status says completed, also you don’t have to worry about that message saying you will get x BAT in y days getting disappeared because that is just a GUI status that get activated during the 1st of every month.

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