I have not received my November BAT rewards

I have been waiting patiently but I still have not received my November BAT rewards. I am owed 2 BAT which I can prove the transaction has not been completed into my Gemini wallet with screenshots if necessary.
It would be most appreciated if I could get a heads up on what the problem is.

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I have the same issue. 6-7 BATs have not been credited to my gemini account and disappeared from Brave.

I believe the issue is known about, a lot of people are experiencing this and about a week ago admins said this would be fixed in 24 hrs, since then the fix time period is indefinite.

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Can you share a link where they say that?


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I have not received my Nov reward in my 3 desktop in my office. Before 10th Dec the amount was there after 12th Dec the amount disappear and it is not in my Gemini.

Same issue here. I created my account the 24th so my rewards were not that high (0.3 if i remember correctly) but no rewards anyway.

Im having the same issue wondering when they will address this because I recieved bats on my android device but my 2 windows pcs never recieved anything all of them are unverified wallets

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