Brave reward not received

My BAT wasn’t deposited into my Gemini account even though it has been verified and the BAT tokens I’ve earned in October has disappeared from my Brave browser.


Mine also not deposited into my uphold account

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Same here. Three devices, almost 10 BAT of rewards which should have been sent to my Gemini Wallet the 8th and now they’ve vanished. Now the counter shows only the BAT from the 1st of November and the Gemini account is empty

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Same here with no verified account. so all three of the payment methods arent fully getting sent out

Mine also from last seven days it was counting days but when today time comes my all coins are vanished

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Yes same here… What’s going on? New user to Brave (since Oct) and first time waiting for payout to my verified Gemini account. No BATs yet and no BATs in browser.

My BAT just got credited to my Gemini account.

Same here. New user. Unverified wallet no rewards.

Same here today, December 7 and no BAT’s from november yet…

and the mods are just linking to an “update” from over 24hrs ago without any explanation.

Jesus. If nothing changes to an update, it does not need to be updated.
Can you stop spreading nonsense? All you have to do is wait a few more days.
Payments are usually don’t between the 8th and the 12th.

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