My Brave browser shuts down after a few seconds

I have uninstalled Brave 4 times and reinstalled - with several different versions at this point. The browser shuts down after a few seconds. I don’t have time to clear history or anything. Any advice or recommendation will be appreciated. I have been unable to use brave for a week now! Windows 10 64 bit.

So means not enough time to go to brave://crashes and get Uploaded Crash Report ID, correct?

When was the last time you downloaded from

Can you elaborate a bit? Like did you install older versions or do you mean that you tried also installing Brave Beta and/or Brave Nightly?

Do you see any messages when this happens or does it just simply close?

When you try to open Brave again the next time, does it say anything about crashing or offer to restore your last session?

When you uninstall the browser, are you electing to remove the user/browsing data from the browser when prompted as well, or are you just uninstalling the app so that you can keep the user data?

Additionally, if you download the Beta build of the browser, do you see the same behavior?

Thanks for answering!

  1. I didn’t know about brave://crashes I merely meant that the browser closes before I have time to do anything. What do I do with that report when I grab it?
  2. I downloaded every time I did a re-install. Yes - I have multiples of the same downloads.
  3. I have not tried Beta.
  4. Open brave. brave browser closed after a few seconds. no messages. All the tabs are still there.

I am uninstalling from the programs menu. I didn’t choose any options - just uninstall. I’ll try Beta.

@BillieDee When you go to brave://crashes it will look something like below (I forced a crash to show you picture):

Hopefully you won’t see this. If you do, it means you need to hit Send Now and close the browser for like 10-30 seconds so it can upload. (It won’t upload until you close out of Brave)


You’d then return and should copy/paste the Uploaded Crash Report ID


I feel so incompetent! ok. I hit “Send now” a few times (it crashes very quickly so I tried again and again) and i have no idea if it sent or not.

I never saw an actual report.

Like I said, needed to close out anyway soon after you hit Send Now. But then if you just let it sit, when you open Brave again and get to brave://crashes it should have it like that last one. Guess main idea is the “race against time” of you hitting the Send Now button and closing Brave before it crashes on you, lol.

We can do is have you try creating a new profile. But for now, would you mind testing on Beta or Nightly and see if it can go without crashing?

Purpose in testing Beta or Nightly would be to see if it’s version specific or just an issue between your device and Brave.

Purpose in new profile, if you were to try it, is to see if it would “survive” through. If so, it suggests it could be an extension, cookies, or setting on your main profile.

If you’re unaware of how to do a new profile, you would have to hit Hamburger Menu
imageAdd new profile → quickly name it (can just be something like a) → Hit Done.

New profile won’t delete yours, it just will create a secondary profile you can use for testing purposes. It runs with no extensions and nearly all settings at default. Just a FYI.

I will try the Beta today. and if that doesn’t work I’ll find Nightly.
Thank you!

Beta appears to be working fine! YAY! happy dance I missed my brave!

Beta is working fine for me. Rereading your comment I see that this is not what I should be doing. The original Brave is still only up for a few seconds before closing. I barely even have the time to open the menu. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you.

@BillieDee Well, I guess I’ll start back at the beginning. For it to work on Beta means it’s either version specific or it’s an issue in your profile. I’m going to give you detailed steps (might seem like a lot, but it’s not.) on two things to attempt. These steps just give us some possible insight as to which issue you’re having and then to get a clearer answer for you.

Step 1 (try this first)

The #1 issue in the majority of cases ends up being because of extensions. A good way to kind of help rule this out is to open in a private window. As long as you have never authorized extensions to run in private window, they are disabled by default. So I’d say try opening a private window and see if it remains open.

You can do this by right clicking on Brave on your taskbar, assuming you have it pinned there.


You just would right click and choose New private window.


If that opens and stays open, you’ll likely want to navigate to brave://extensions and see if you can disable/remove them.

Step 2 (if the above isn’t possible)

Go to your desktop shortcut for Brave and right mouse click and choose Properties.

You’ll see something like below:

On the Target line you’ll see something like "C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --profile-directory="Default"

Change the word Default to Test Profile So it would end up being something like:

"C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --profile-directory="Test Profile"

Click Apply and then you can hit Ok. When you open that desktop shortcut, it should open your browser in a new profile, where the page will look like below:

From here you should be able to navigate to brave://crashes and see if there are reports. If so, hopefully can upload like I instructed before (remember, if it says Send Now you will need to click it and then close the browser for 10-30 seconds to it can upload) and be able to share Uploaded Crash Report ID.

If this new profile works well without crashing, might yet have to make some changes to get rid of your extensions and all. Might test to see if switching back to your primary profile will crash right away or if it might stay up a bit longer to change settings in it.

Thank you. I’ve submitted a crash report. Now I will try to figure out what extensions I’ve been using.

It appears that the only extension I had was Adobe. hmmm. I removed it. My profile 1 still doesn’t work but profile 2 does.

If you can shared the Uploaded Crash Report ID which should be there now, it would be helpful. That will let support and devs look to try to see what’s going on.

Only other thing I can think of right now is just to clear cookies and all in the original profile, plus make sure you have no open tabs (if you have many open in that profile still. I’m assuming closed when crashed, but not sure what you have it set to open at default)

Status: Uploaded
Uploaded Crash Report ID: d82c0a00-0b43-c10a-0000-000000000000
Upload Time: Monday, September 25, 2023 at 5:21:34 PM

I’ll close the tabs and clear all the cookies.

Okay. Cannot close the tabs. I suppose I should forget that profile and go with the new one?

@Mattches can you advise on steps to look at? And maybe what’s going on with the crash report ID

If you still want to use the stable build, I would recommend an uninstall and ensure that you wipe all the browsing data from your system before reinstalling. In Windows, when you go to Apps & Features and go to uninstall Brave, there should be a prompt that appears asking if you want to also delete all associated browsing data. Make sure you say yes to this prompt and then proceed with the uninstalling process.

Once done, to ensure that the data is gone, go to

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local

You should see a Brave Software folder here, click into it. Since you have Beta installed, you should see a Brave-Browser-Beta folder here. If you see one labeled only Brave-Browser, delete this folder. You’ve now cleared it from your system entirely.

Now go ahead and try re-downloading and installing the stable version of the browser and test to see if the browser still crashes.

Thank you

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