Constant crashes after a few seconds

Description of the issue: Open Brave, crashes after about 4 seconds.
How can this issue be reproduced? By opening brave

Expected result: Brave stays open

Brave Version( check About Brave): Just reinstalled today, so the latest.

Additional Information: I am seriously in an emergency by now. I need this browser to work ASAP.

Windows 10

Brave works fine on my iphone, and my windows laptop.

Chrome works fine on my PC, currently using it.

Have tried everything from reinstalling, to using command prompt etc. I am at a loss and I need in to my accounts asap. There are some I can only gain access to through Brave browser only on this PC.

Have installed Brave Beta and that works fine.

Have crash report file but it won’t let me upload it here.

Is this not how to contact support?
I’ve had to figure out how to log in to all my other accounts so I’m probably never going back to Brave because of this. Thanks for nothing!

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