My BATs have not been paid, it helps


I want to report an anomaly that you have had with the payments that are linked in Uphold and the Brave Browser of your BAT Crypto.

BAT payments have always been made to me between the 8th and 9th of each month, and the platform has already sent me a transaction, however it is not even close to the total number of bats that I generate during the month, 0.456579754690747861 has reached me

That was the Amount in BATs that I generated in one of my devices, however, I have not yet been paid for the other 3 devices that I am linked to with Uphold and Brave, the same in which I generate a higher percentage of BATs, Then I will leave photos of the amount that I accumulate

Even another device is missing, but unfortunately I did not take screenshots of the BAT generated, in short I have only been paid what was generated in 1 of my 4 devices, I would like to know if this has not been paid for any particular circumstance.

I appreciate prompt response, this is Jimmy


Quiero informar una anomalía que ha tenido con los pagos que se encuentran enlazados en Uphold y el Navegador Brave de su Cripto de BAT.

los pagos del BAT siempre se me han venido realizando entre los dias 8 y 9 de cada mes, ya la plataforma me ha enviado una transacción, sin embargo no es ni de cerca el total de bats que genere durante el mes, me han llegado 0.456579754690747861

Ese fue el Monto en BATs que genere en uno de mis dispositivos, sin embargo aun no se me han realizado los pagos de los otros 3 dispositivos a los que me encuentro enlazado con Uphold y Brave, mismo en los cuales genere mayor porcentaje de BATs.

Incluso falta otro dispositivo, pero lamentablemente no tome capturas de pantallas del BAT generado, en fin Solo me han pagado lo generado en 1 de mis 4 dispositivos, quisiera saber si esto no se ha pagado por alguna circunstancia en particular.

agradezco pronta respuesta, les Hablo Jimmy


Please wait until payments are fully finished processing before reporting these types of payout issues.

Thank you.


How long do payouts usually take since the payout starts. It says I would recieve around 3.3 BAT from last month but i only received 0.25

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The rate is variable and based on a variety of factors. The payout progress can be viewed at the top of the Community page.

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@Mattches the status was already updated

have already finished paying at Uphold, the payment still hasn’t arrived.

Please help that the amount of BATs you accumulate in December is important and it is not an option to lose all of that.


It’s done and yet the payments are missing


All of this has been happening on my end as well. It started last month when I didn’t get paid for all of my November rewards. This month, it said I would be paid on Jan 7th and never went through to my Gemini wallet I have connected.


yeah same as mine i recieved my payment on desktop side but on my mobile i didnt recieved anything and yet payments are finished please help :frowning: its unfair



Please, some member of the support that manifests itself to solve this situation, and to be able to obtain the BATs that I and other users have not received due to unknown reasons

Hello, I come to inform you that I received from BAT three times less than the amount I accumulated in December last. I need to know why this happened this month.

The payout for uphold has completed now but I have yet to receive my 1.9 bat.
Can you help??

same problem i received payout for only 1 device the other 3 have not been paid yet

Same here, happened to me too. 1/4 payments arrived.

hello sir,
uhm any updates on what’s going on right now? we need to know too :<


In the December month I had received more than 3.5 BATs on my laptop and the date to receive then was 06 Jan. It’s been 11 Jan today and there’s no ‘Claim Rewards’ link yet.
However, I have been able to claim BATs on my mobile for the previous month. Anyone else is facing this issue? Any idea what can be done to get my BATs?

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the notice says they complete but I did not get my rewards this month

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Same here, I have not received anything in my Uphold account yet.
Furthermore, the statement in brave rewards shows up empty.

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I already made the respective update of the browser and they still have not made me the payment of my bat. and the truth is a considerable amount to lose. I would appreciate any solution !!

same here missing the payout

I still have not got my payment and I have private message you

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