Why Brave Creators not sending BAT's for my uphold wallet

In Jun I post the same problem but the problem not fix. link to post
(I dont know if this is the best way to link a old post, sorry)

My balance on brave creators is 5.31 BAT’s and still the same message, “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later.” this is months.

And on the site it says that the minimum balance for payment is 5 BAT’s

Please, if you had the same problem or know how to inform, I don’t know what it can be or if it’s not just me.

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Please DM the email linked to your account and I can take a look. Thanks.


I tagged you with a case that I have with my account, I already created the post and everything I hope for a prompt response please @steeven

I sent a DM, but it doesn’t show up for me here? I didn’t understand if it was counted as sent.

I have the same problem. :expressionless: :cry:

I already wrote and still have not received a response :frowning:

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