Received less BAT

Here I’ve uploaded two screenshots. The first one is of July 23, 2021. I had more than 2.7 BATs on 23rd only.
The second one is of today where I’ve received only 0.25 BAT in my uphold account. I had reported this earlier too but looks like no action has been taken.
@steeven please look at this.

I received the remaining BATs.

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Please paste you wallet id in a DM. Thanks.

@steeven thanks for showing your concern, but for now I’ve received the remaining BATs in my uphold wallet.
But now my ads are not being counted and corresponding BATs are not getting credited brave wallet.

hi steeven, i got my rewards that i earned (1.397 bat)this month august, But before months i.e june and july ( 5.7 bat) they disappeared but not credited what is the problem.

I have the same issue that [ansh1] has described. I have got 1.250 bat coming into my uphold wallet 2 days ago (08 Aug) and on 10 Aug there is only 0.250 bat is reflecting in my wallet. why so? and also there is no ad coming up to me. on yesterday I tried all possible ways to fix this issue but only 2 ads came in 2hrs time duration. and now no ad is showing.

@RAVI641 @DeepakRajpoot Please start your own thread instead of commenting on an issue that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Be sure to provide the basic troubleshooting information that is requested in the template that will appear when you start a new thread.

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