Problem with Payement

I did not receive my all payment in this month and last month, i receive last month 29,45 BAT and 13 BAT this month. I have one channel YouTube and web site. I’ve worked hard to get these token, I’ve written two articles on my website about brave browser and a video on my channel YouTube, I have collected more than 144 BAT in first month and this month, but i receive only 44 BAT in those two months. I don’t know where’s the problem,

It’s likely that the reason for the payment discrepancy is caused by one of the reasons in the following read. Please read in its entirety:

I know this. i have read this before but my account uphold its verified, and also the BAT i got were in the middle of the month, not between 1 and 8, last month i got the some problem, you told me “you will get it next month” but that did not happen. the total BAT i collected its more than 144 BAT in the last two month. but i received only 44 BAT In two months.
i need to know why that happen? and when i will receive my BAT i have collected in the first month ond scend month

last month

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