Pending payment of the month of march

Brave support
I would like to know
Yes today
My payment will arrive
BEFORE the first of March
And I only have 365
IN my Uphold account
Please help

The payout is still in process. Thanks for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note, that the payout is processed during the work day in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, where Brave is based.

Now my balance decreases.

Buenas noches!
en marzo pago pendiente tenia para hoy saldo pendiente 850 BAT en ese momento equivalentes a $151, ahora veo reviso que solo me pagaron $35 BAT y tengo pendiente ahora 852 BAT para el 8 de abril si me pueden ayudar con esto? xq no me pagaron este saldo pendiente hoy como respondia si no menos


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