[bug]Tip did not arrived

I sent my friend 5 bat tip as a gift but it did not showed on publisher account he is using. Is this new bug like before in creators uphold verification. I have screenshot if necessary.


@Mattches I have seen many with this problem, including myself. Is there any solution? We will wait patiently


just wasted 5 bat , :frowning: i think now again need to send him birthday gift.


Please note that if a user is Uphold/Gemini verified, and tipping a verified creator using the same custodian (for example, a user with a verified Uphold wallet send a tip to a Creator who is verified w/Uphold), the tip is sent directly to the custodial account – it does not appear on the Creator dashboard. Only vBAT (from unverified wallets) will appear on the Creator dashboard when receiving direct tips.

As such, please check your custodial account to see if the tip has been received there.


i sent the tip from unverified brave browser

the tip is not showing in his publisher account

If you go to your brave://rewards-internals page, on the Contribution tabs, do you see the Tip amount went through and that your BAT balance went down?

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Yes with time date tip amount channel id
And also my balance reduced

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I have seen a lot of comments about this problem…

I also got confirmation that the sending person had a unverified wallet in my case and I too do not received… what I think is, it is a major bug due to some reason plz get it checked in detail as this thing is happening with many

The same problem with my creator accunt :frowning:

same issue is happening to me this october: BAT tips not arriving to publishers account

The problem persists and now look at brave://rewards-internals Contribution and they are reflected that they were discounted

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It’s a major issue, you have to update https://status.brave.com/

it showing me as “step: Completed”

Impossible to send tips from a verified upold wallet.
It’s been days and no response from the brave…

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So this does appear to be due to a server side issue we’re having right now. We have our team working to resolve it presently – I will keep you all updated on the status of the fix.

Thank you for your patience.


Hey @Mattches
this means there will be no problem with previous tips?


And status.brave.com is still not up to date…
Maybe the devs are on vacation :grin:


they are not taking this seriously, i guess