No Bat in Brave Wallet

Description of the issue:
I have received BAT in the past, created an Uphold account, verified my wallet and have seen the BAT show up in my Uphold account. However for the past month or so my Brave wallet shows zero and I see the error message below and I’m asked to verify my wallet.


I am able to re-verify my wallet, but it does not bring my earned BAT back into the wallet.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Not sure. I’ve seen other posts from other users with similar issues, but I have not seen any resolution.

Expected result:
BAT should show up in Brave wallet to be used for tipping etc. and in Uphold account. Brave is saying that I’m scheduled to receive BAT payments for ads on Feb. 5. It will be interesting to see if the BAT is actually added to my wallet.


Brave Version )
Version 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10

Hey there – sorry to hear you’re having these issues. Last month was a tough one in terms of Rewards outages, but everything should settle by this month’s payout. Can you wait and see if you’re credited on or around the 5th? If not, please let me know and we can take a look.

Hey Asad,

I looked today. My brave wallet is still at zero . . . but, my Uphold account was credited with my accrued BAT. That’s good, but I’m not able to tip or otherwise give BAT back because my Brave wallet has no funds. And it’s still asking me to verify my wallet although the “Brave Verified Creator” is new. So it’s sort of working, but something is not quite right still.


Hi Joel,

Okay, so it looks like there was some confusion on my end, i didn’t understand your issue correctly – my bad.

The publishers payouts that happen monthly (as well as ads payouts) are totally separate from your browser wallet.

If you want to fill your browser wallet, use the “add funds” option to send BAT into it. :slight_smile:

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Hi Asad,

Thanks for the reply. I think it’s more complicated than that though. First, I’m still being asked to verify my wallet even though it’s been verified for some time. Second, when I click the “add funds” button it takes me to my uphold account, but there’s no way to actually transfer my bat from Uphold to the browser. Prior to this issue the amount of bat shown on uphold and the amount shown in the browser were the same. I still think there’s something wrong with how this is working.


My bat is showing in browser but not going into by brave wallet or into my uphold wallet. Is there an issue or thread i have missed? This is for my January accrual that should have been paid out on feb.

@michaelgibson1315 FYI – BAT Grants do not go into your Uphold wallet, they can only be used to tip creators.

@Joeolson – you use the Uphold interface to add funds. If you click the “Brave Browser” card in Uphold you’ll be able to send funds to it. This will then reflect in your browser balance :slight_smile:


No. My Uphold Brave Card shows funds, but my wallet is empty. And my wallet is asking me to verify even though I’m already verified.

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