My BAT balance just reset to 0 and it's not the end of the month.

I had about 3 BATs when I left work on Friday, and just logged in now to see that my balance was reset to 0. I saw this was a known bug previously, but I thought it was fixed. What should I do?


Hi @gustavofulton,

Welcome to community! First try to restore your wallet by following these steps:

Just did, but it says that 0 BAT was recovered. 0%20bat%20restored

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I just had the same problem this morning. I contacted Uphold, since they’re supposed to be managing the wallet, but all they did was send an immediate reply (without addressing the issue) suggesting that I pay money in. That’s an unacceptable response when the system appears to be failing to operate correctly.

Then I got a system notification that Brave needed an update (from 0.66.100 to 0.66.101). After I updated the browser, most (but not all) of my “ad notifications received this month” have been restored. It was showing 15 yesterday, but now it’s only showing 11. I’m still interested to know where the rest of my notifications (and BAT) have gone.

So, for anyone else experiencing this very concerning issue, I’d recommend checking that you’ve got the latest version of Brave installed.

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Hi @gustavofulton - have you tried to restart the browser?

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