Problem with rewards system payment

I have been using brave for a few months, I have verified and withdraw bat before, but I lately I noticed my bat balance went to 0 and I don’t know why, I really would like to get this solved I’ve seen this is a bug that is around and I seem to not be the only one having the same issue, I am pretty sure I had more than 15 bat before the new update and I lost it all.

It is weird I keep recieving ads and my balance doesn’t change. I am hoping for a soon reply. I have seen more than 100 ads this month and my balance keeps the same and I keep recieving ads so I feel like I am watching ads for nothing. Please help me solve this.


Update your brave, this has been fixed in lastest update

I think it is updated already isn’t it?

Yes, now once you establish a connection with endpoint server you’ll never have this issue again as client side will track, but you need to establish at least one connection first, give it some time maybe restart until you get a connection

When you tell me to restart you are talking about these steps?

Because I have done it like 3 times already.

Ty for your support :heart:


I mean exit the browser and open again

I just did but still nothing, ty I will keep trying.

It is frustrating I never recieved these much advertising before only when I have this issue :joy:


here it shows when I had 104 ads seen this month it is a screenshot from 10 mins ago

here is another from a min ago

as you can see I keep adding up more ads seen, but my balance stays the same.

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