My account is under review



My account is under review since one more week.
I 've already sent several mails, there was no response.

Could you do the necessary to make my account accessible again ?

Can you answer me Please

Best Regards


Hello Rezamas,

Thanks for reaching out. I would like to apologize for the delay and ask that you please bear with us a little longer. Your account is still under review.


Dear Adge,

I wait

Best regards


My account is and has been under review for aprox. 2 months. So good luck. =)


No , that’s not normal Larsk !!!


I Agree. This is the last thing I heard on January 14th:

Hi there, sorry, was away for the weekend!

Appreciate you letting us know what happened. I’ll run this past my manager this week and we’ll get back to you once we make a decision or if we need anymore information from you. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions!

XXXX @ Brave


Hi Lars,

Sorry we missed you – can you PM me your email address that you use to login to Rewards? I will check on the status of your account review.


Dear Adge and asad,

I’m rezamas and my account is under review.
Do something please :the earliest would be best

I dont want to be like Lars

Best regards