Error: My account is under review

Dear Brave Supporter,

Today, I open my account on Brave rewards and get a notification: My account is under review
I want know What happened to my account? I use all 3 versions: Brave, Brave beta and Brave dev on my computer. I see the great thing that Brave is bringing to everyone, I introduced Brave to my friends. Unfortunately, my account is locked. Pleasure consider. I am very grateful for that careful consideration. I hope my account is soon opened again.
Thanks for help!


Please follow the instructions in the message and get in touch with the support team via email. Nothing we can do here.



Ok, I did sent. Thanks you

same for me. its awkward

my account is under review too !

why ? i have a “normal” account and valid uphold

who knows. the anti fraud is triggered. a lot of users posted that nothing was received in rewards. so we are all in the same boat :roll_eyes:

@eljuno you stop paying people just because they seem " suspicious " ?
just because they had a lot of tips. just because they had a lot of referal download ??

it’s totally unfair and unjustified !
I have an account since 4 months, and i have uphold account confirmed.
no problem since these 4 months

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I too have the same problem, perhaps I involuntarily did something against the regulation? Send me a PM or an email. we are honest people, what is anti-fraud? :roll_eyes:

what is anti-fraud? :perseverare:

i don’t know.
it doesnt make sense. I’m not new user, i don’t “hacking/spam” brave system BAT.
i don’t know…

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@mariobros @tomato34 like I said above, please reach out to the support team via email. Nothing that I can do to help you here.

I have the same message… Should I contact support or will they check by default?

please reach out to the support team via email.

The support don’t answers me since 2 days now. .

me too in the same situation, still no response from assistance. I don’t understand why all this situation will be a system bug, because there are hundreds and hundreds of people lost in oblivion like us.

why are you blocking people in your community for no reason, AND WITHOUT having enough effective support team to solve the problems?
you penalize those who correctly use the Brave REWARD system and who have been waiting for their donation funds for a week now.

I can understand that there are suspicious activities for some users, but you could have foreseen a more efficient assistance!
it’s not professional and it’s not reassuring to know that you can block user funds at any time

It was great when I logged in to my Brave Payment. Thanks @Asad and Brave Supporter

i guess you are the only one… others are still on hold, so as me

@JQnet what was the problem?

A mi tambien estoy en la misma situacion