Under review account

I don’t understand why my account is like this. meanwhile i still use all brave versions. Does anyone like me?


Everyone account is undereview and they will not gone reply why your account is underreview

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Hi @phanvanhau,
Nothing that we can do to help you here.

Please follow the message and sent an email to publishers support team.

Apologies for the inconveniences.
cc @Asad


So bad… very very bad, does your fraud Machine Learning algorithm needs some calibration?

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We have made group on facebook plz join it #bravescam


Just apologizing and not replying is not a way to solution


guys on marketing perspective good or bad publicity, still publicity. I think Brave just really toying their publishers.


So when will my account be unlocked again?

Vào Th 3, 9 thg 4, 2019 vào lúc 11:28 qazijamal via Brave Community brave@discoursemail.com đã viết:

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Don’t know there suppoert department is not replying

There is no point defaming Brave when you are most likely at fault. All the rules needed to be followed by Publishers were stated clearly in the Terms of Service

Brother there is no point of of not replying your email

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Am under review and I know you know how hard it its to convince Nigerian to switch from either opera mini or chrome to brave. Most are still on Facebook even after all the scandals about privacy. Nigerians don’t care about those scandals that is if they even know about it and getting over 1200 people convinced in a space of 1 month wasn’t easy and the download counter can be annoying. My download to installed ration is almost 5:1 and I have over 12 confirmed even though I know it should be much higher. But am still a believer in brave so I feel for everyone that got blocked hoping their hardwork to push this browser would at least pay. I know I pushed some days up to 16hours calling using both my CUG number and my normal prepaid cell phone number. Because Nigerians don’t do mail like that. Over 29k bat in the air right now. So they are just pissed this is happening.

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I have many users who report in review I do not know what to say I’m sorry with my users today I went to login on my page of brave rewards and what is my surprise I am also in review what is happening if brave was good and now do not ?

I also add myself. absurd and then talk about decentralization

First they give them and then take them away from you

Yes, but they were decided after, so for me it’s a shit

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