My Account Under Review for past one month?

Dear Experts, My Account is under review for past 1 month. and i sent many mails to know the reason but there is no proper reply. So kindly let me know what happened to my account. and i am sure that i never ever violates your T&C. I just promoted your browser through my YouTube Channel “Tech Guru Tamil”. Kindly Help In this regard.
Thank You

For two days my account will be under review for two months. I produce only crypto related content on my web sites and this is double edge sword. I am not promoting Brave for last two month and I’m losing money and also Brave is not promoted and they don’t get new users. So I think it is our both target to speed up proces, but still nothing. Also, my request is: 10664 if anyone here can speed up process.

Posting account review issues on the forum won’t by any chance speed up the process. Kindly exercise a little more patience as there is a huge list of publishers to be reviewed.

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