My creator account is under review

My account was under review, I don’t know how I emailed Steeven but he was too busy and didn’t reply me

I have found reading many subjects that are the same as me, they complain that emailing is always no one there. Why don’t you support me here?

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Right !!
I waited for 3 months to send an email to but there was no conversation that would help me open an account. This could be a deliberate type.

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i’m with you
I agree

@jameskhang @phanphongqt I moved this conversation to the new thread because it’s two separate issues than the one in previous thread.

So, if your account is under review

  • you send an email to
  • you get an automatic reply with questions
  • send your answers for questions asked in email
  • then wait for the process

You’ll receive an update after your account be reviewed.

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