Account under review. Why? :( ID 10767

Hello This morning I found out that my account is under review. I immediately wrote an e-mail to, but I didn’t receive an answer and get ID 10767. How can I contact support faster for provide information to unlock my account as soon as possible? I work on YouTube, I want to continue to cooperate with the service and I would not want problems in mutual understanding. Thank you!

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Anyone can help me with this?

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So weird it has happen to hundreds now, without any answers


Same with me and my friends


Im on the same boat with the “Your account is under review”. I have used lots of my time to promote Brave. I like the project but i want to get compensated for my work! Anyone know if you still get the rewards even if you have Your account is under review status on? I can see from my webpage that im getting lots of hits and its a waste if they are not registered!


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I do not want to wait for a response for a whole month. support service, please consider the applications on the forum first! We are all looking forward to your comment.

the same problem

If you’re getting this notification, you need to contact

Did you get any solution?

thanks for your reply. we understand that your support team will now be very loaded. Can you promise any timeframe or amount of time for which applications will be considered? What needs to be specified in the email address to speed up the process?

I didn’t receive any solution

my ticket is 10777 I expect the same answer

i have same Problem
also my ticket 10462
it would be really nice if Brave Team check my account and solve my Problem Thanks in advance

At the moment, there’s nothing you can do to speed up the process. We are currently working on a plan to address the high volume of account reviews.

Am brave Publisher since January . Am enjoying this project and just got account under review. Although I have not voilated any T&C also never done self tipping. I am genuinely working and have activate YouTube channel and a website.
Please check my account @Asad

@Asad We need a quick resolution on this, it not just the project’s reputation that is being hurt here even us who invited fellow publishers, what’s our face to them? It hurts to receive a bad feedback from them blaming me for inviting them and wasting their time.

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They replied to me, dont ask about your account on the page I thought was for that reason, and if its a subscriber situation that should have been front and center at sign up.

Sorry am finding it difficult to comprehend your statement. Please lay them out coherently and correctly so I may give a better response

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