My account got flagged after connecting to zebpay, there was nearly 28 bat and now I think all is gone

My account got flagged.

You don’t receive a payout until you’re in the flagged state. That 28 BAT was sent for processing which would have been processed in this payout if you weren’t flagged. You can raise a ticket at

Also do share the ticket id you receive in the email you submitted.
If you get unflagged, you’ll receive the 28 BATs in the next payout.

Mine too. Just after entering the pin while connecting. But I have just 1 bat so I reset the wallet

Resetting doesnt help unflag, if anything it’s gonna be making it worse since the next time you try to connect it could reach the connected device limit.

Earlier resetting was a trick but since now flagging is on a custodial Partner type, therefore resetting won’t help.

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