Brave reward account Flagged


It seems that my account has been flagged. Can someone please look into this matter.


@pratikneogee create a Rewards Support Ticket at

And for future reference, it helps if you can Search Before Posting. If spent much effort, you’d see others who posted on similar issues and the answers given to them, or you would have found the FAQ pinned to the top of the page:


PSA: Current FAQ

Hey @Saoiray ,I connected an old account of mine to zebpay. I checked and that profile was flagged after connecting. Will the old balance be transferred or will I lose those BATs

@Manthank That calls for a lot of speculation. If you were indeed connected beforehand, then it should have been seen by the system. This would mean if they choose to reinstate your account, all that vBAT balance would be sent to your ZebPay. However, that’s making the assumption it made it that far. If you were flagged and never managed to connect to ZebPay, then vBAT would still be in your browser.

Regardless the situation, the only way to get assistance and have definitive answers would be to create the Rewards Support Ticket at and hope support can get back to you

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