Multiple website not working after Brave update, Chrome and Safari are working

Hello everyone,

I have a problem using google sites on Brave. I see this is all over the forums and I’ve had this problem multiple time in the past after version updates.

I’ve gotten into the habit of just switching to Chrome or Safari. I’m not looking for something very complex nor something that will cause information loss. If that’s the only way to solve it, that’s totally fine, but I’m at the point where I’ll just switch to a different browser that has less bugs.

Description of the issue:

Gmail and other google sites do not work on Brave after last update (version 1.58.131 Chromium 117.0.5938.92). A few other sites seem to be affected. I’ve had this problem happen multiple times in the past (4-5) and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Sites will not load at all.

I already tried accessing them with shields down, doing the whole log-in process with shields down, deleting all browsing data from all time, disabling and removing extensions, as well as solutions I saw on this topic in other forums. Resetting my cache, cookies. Nothing seems to work.

However, the google sites load when using private browsing.

I’m using MacOS Ventura 13.6.

Steps to Reproduce:

Just access youtube, or gmail, or another google sites.

Actual Result :

Sites will not load, it seems like the browser goes on an “infinite loop”

Reproduces how often:

Every time I try to access a google site

I’m not open to suggestions that include: download macos cleanup, add a new profile, backup your browser folder and then reinstall brave. I’m looking for a solution that keeps my history, bookmarks, settings, generally intact. I have multiple profiles set up and I’m not looking to recreate.

Thanks! Appreciate all the help!

Also, it seems any service on MacOS where I used Brave to login to, such as my calendars, have been logged out. When I want to sign back in, it opens Brave, but can’t connect because it’s a google service. So I might just have to change back to Chrome to be able to log back into my google accounts on MacOS

This suggests you have an extension causing an issue? Are you using any extensions on Brave?

You said you removed extensions, I guess. But you’re saying it still happened with none installed? Or did you simply disable extensions? I want to make sure I’m getting the same understanding here. It’s weird that it would work in Private and not normal window. The only two things this usually suggests is cookies or extensions.

And where I’m asking for this clarification is because I’ve seen people in the past say they remove extensions but later on we found they only removed some extensions, not all. Then they later found out it was the one extension they didn’t want to remove and thought would have no issues was indeed was was causing problems. So rather than make assumptions, I like to make sure I’m asking and getting clarification

I have Bitwarden still installed but saw this other one I didn’t remove for some reason. To be clear, should I remove it or can I just disable it? Do I need to do anything else after I remove it (such as a browser restart)

I just removed them and it was either Zotero or Goodreads that was the culprit. I appreciate your help troubleshooting

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Stopped working again, currently have all extensions disabled except Bitwarden which doesn’t affect my other profile tabs

@Mattches @fanboynz either of you have suggestions/thoughts?

Can you please open Brave, go to brave://histograms, download the file and upload/send it to me in the DM here on Community in the DM I just sent you?

Thank you

Before I send this over what type of sensitive information will you have access to?

It’s not bugs. The sites are coded to track your every step while bombarding you with ads. Brave tries to block this type of code, and obviously that will break the code. Then Brave has to patch whatever might fail. Whenever they change the code, there’s a possibility to break again until Brave adapts. Of course all these things work in Chrome, as it lets all the site’s code run the way it was meant by the site developers, including all the tracking.

I don’t have the issue in my other two profiles (let’s call them profile 2 and profile 3). I’ve had this same problem about 2 months ago where profile 2 stopped working and before that about 7 months ago where profile 3 stopped working. Sometimes it’s one profile that stops working sometimes it’s 2 profile that stop working, they are all similarly configured except for my dev profile.

Thanks for your comment, very helpful

Got this issue during the latest update and i just roll back to old update and got fine results. I think they do beta testing .

You will not be sharing any “sensitive” data by sharing your histogram data with us.

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