A number of websites aren't functioning

For the past couple of days, I haven’ been able to access different accounts using brave on my laptop. Among them, google calendars is completely unresponsive once logged in, and websites like twitter, whatsapp and others do not load. The issue is in brave as I was able to do everything I needed using chrome on the same laptop. What can i do?

Are you seeing the “Aw Snap” error? I’ve been having trouble loading twitter on brave and that’s the error I see.

In my case, the websites MeWe and Coinbase never load. I have auto login for both sites, but MeWe’s home page doesn’t even load. Coinbase homepage does, but everything disappears when I click the login button. I am using the Pop OS, which is a derivative of Ubuntu Linux if that matters. Add Youtube to the non-working pages.


I had the same issue. A partial solution that worked for me is to create a new profile.

Also you can try deleting all navigation data, as well as trying to access those sites with shields off.

Hope this helps

@George7 @1stBman @pcg are there any other specific websites that you’re getting this error on or that aren’t loading? Which Brave version are yall on, Brave Release, Nightly?

Thanks in advance!

The websites are some of the ones i had automatic log in on such as google calendar, whatsapp web, twitter whereas some of the others are functioning normally.

Since the update this morning (1.44.108) I can no longer sign into Zoom with this browser, either with email/pw or Google. This means I can no longer use Zoom Scheduler with Google Calendar, even after clearing cache/cookies.

@ steven. My earlier post tells which sites haven’t been working since the upgrade so far. There probably are a great many other sites that don’t work, but aside from checking in here: I am back to using Firefox. My version is
Version 1.45.85 Chromium: 106.0.5249.91 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Hi Steeven,

Now I updated to version 1.44.108, and the sites work again.

The problem appeared on version 1.44.101, and concerned several google sites (gmail, calendar, youtube, etc), as well as uphold and zoom.

Thank you


I’m having a helluva time logging out and logging into Twitter with my additional account. I’ve cleared out Brave and changed my Twitter data on Safari (which works). I am still unable to open my original account on Twitter.

try with Brave shields down…

Works, now to see if I can add it back in to block the ads. Thanks.

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