Multiple browsers question


I have 2 browsers linked in sync chain. One I use while working and the other personal. During the last month one showed pending rewards of approx 8 BAT and the other 10 BAT

I got 1 payment of 5.8 BAT to uphold

One browser now shows estimated of 3.2 BAT and the other 9.5

Question is if I have 2 machines in a sync should I get 2 Uphold payments for just the one?

Both of these machines have been using Brave for months.

It seems like one has paid out BAT but the other one just rolled everything over.

Maybe someone could describe expected behavior for this setup? I don’t know if one shows 8BAT and the other 10BAt have I earned 18BAt or are they sharing?

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Brave Sync does not sync your rewards, they sync your browser history. But if both those browsers were connected to a same Uphold account then they would drain into that Uphold account. But recently there are reports of users not get payments from multiple browser ( Also there is limit of 4 browsers that per Uphold account that you could connect)

It does appear that 1 browser has paid out to Uphold but the other has just rolled the entire pending rewards over to next time. Both at verified with Uphold ok and have paid out before.

I have read in another post that people don’t get a payout if the are using a VPN on the pc.

The machine where I didn’t get a payout is my work PC and I connect to VPN’s most days to support customers. Is they likely related? If so , what is the solution going forward?

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