Use two browser in same computer and one browser reward stop?

Hi, I wonder anyone has the same issue? One of my browsers stop earning rewards?

Since a couple of months ago, there is a maximum number of ads per day per device, not per profile, so if you have more than one profile on the same device, they share the allotment for that device. If one profile gets all of the ads for the device for a given day, the other profile won’t receive any.


Thanks for clarification. If my old browser has some BAT, how can I withdraw the amount?

What kind of device is it? If it’s a desktop, you have two options:

  1. You can open an Uphold account on their site (separately from Brave Rewards) and then link that profile to your Uphold account. There is no minimum BAT to do this if you are on a desktop device. The drawback to this is that it will use up one of your four life-time device allotments for your Uphold account, which you can’t ever restore or reuse with a different profile/device.

  2. You can donate the BAT in that profile to your favorite content creator(s).

I got a laptop installed with two browsers one is standard and the other is Nightly to test the new features. I then realize my old browser stop received rewards.

I have linked from the old browser but I wonder if it will automatically send the rest of BAT just like it used to have? However, from my rewards page, it said nothing on my Next payment date with 0 BAT as you previously saw. The current Nightly is functioning as my old browser which I think it may replace to become my current active account. My question is can I still withdraw the rest of BAT from my old account even though it said nothing on my Next Payment Date?

yes i have had the same issue with windows .

maybe we should report the issue rather than asking questions?

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If you just updated your browser, you will now see only the BAT that is pending for the CURRENT month. Any BAT that wasn’t previously paid should be paid out next month. Some BAT may have already been paid out but not previously deducted from your pending rewards. That happened to me.

Thanks. I may have to wait and see how it goes then.

Thanks for all your helps and tips.


I would try a week of using only the browser that hasn’t been receiving BAT and see what happens. Make sure it’s still receiving ads.


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