Sync and sum of Brawe rewards tokens across browsers

I use Brave browser on different computers. I use the sync feature to sync the bookmarks, etc.
I use Brave rewards on all of the computers so I earn X amount of BATs on each computer I use.
If one of the browser die for some reason I loose all the BATs I earned within that browser.
It would be good the summarize all of the earnings from each browser and record and display the summarized earnd amount in each browser. So if one of the browser what I use dies somehow I don’t loose my earnings.

For example:
PC1 earnings: 3,230 BAT
PC2 earnings: 1,450 BAT
PC3 earnings: 7,320 BAT
Mobile1 earnings: 1,5 BAT
If PC3 dies I loose 7,320 BAT forever.
It would be good to display 13,5 BAT on each PC and transfer 13,5 BAT to my Uphold account every month although the PC3 died just before the monthly payment day.

Thank you