Using Brave Rewards on two computers?

Hello guys,

I am a proud user of Brave since January and absolutly love the concept of Brave Rewards.

I have a question about using Brave on two different computers. I have one for home and one for work. How does the payment should work?

I see differents numbers of ads on each. At the end of the month, I get two payments on my Uphold account, but the amount are nothing close to the estimated rewards.

Anyone can explain me this?

I synced both of the computer but I m not sure the sync actually worked ^^’

Thank you!

Hi @rayan, Welcome to Community!

You will get a payout for each wallet connected - so yes, two payments sound right.

The wallet themselves are not connected connected - only the balance in Uphold. So that means the pending BAT and the ads you see/received/ads history will be different per device. note - Sync v2 does not sync pending BAT.

At the beginning of each month/the first week your balance is frozen, meaning you keep earning BAT but you won’t be paid out (untill next month), so it could look like you’re not being paid your full balance when you are.

Hey @Aa-ron! Thank you for your answer.

Sync v2 doest not sync but what about v1?

I have almost the same amount of BAT in both my computer, on the two profiles.

Work computer has :

  • Work profile
  • Home profile

And home computer has the same setup. And the amount of estimated rewards is the same on these 4 profiles! Is it normal?


To clarify - you’re using 2 profiles on each computer? 4 profiles in total? and all 4 are linked with the same Uphold account?

Have you ever removed and readded a wallet?


The profiles have the same names and I synced the computer once but I am not sure the profiles are actually synced. Yes all 4 linked to the same Uphold account.

Each month, I received 2 payouts. One which correspond to the estimated rewards on these 4 profiles. And another payout which I believe is from my sister computer to whom I converted to Brave. (But linked my Uphold since she’s too young to have one.)

I hope I am being clear.

Edit: just checked the Wallet ID and my work computer and the ID is the same for both profiles. I will check tonight on my home computer

Hi, that sounds nice but I have two PCs with Brave installed and connected to Uphold. And I never ever got two payments… there were only one payment every month since I use Brave Browser. But I saved the wallet from one PC and restored it on the other after installing Brave on the second PC. Maybe this is a problem? Because due to this case I lost many BATs over this time using the Browser parallel on two computers.

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