Multiple auto contribute happened in a matter of seconds and cleared all my BAT

I have sent 4 emails so far today and have only got automated responses so hoping this will work.

I have been using Brave browser for several months and had built up 131.9 BAT from ads. I was in the process of verifying my browsers across multiple devices with Uphold. I downloaded Brave on my work computer, clicked verify and logged into. The moment I logged in I noticed my BAT balance was lower and as I was looking at it the balance decreased by 20 BAT every few seconds until my balance was 0. I hadn’t clicked anything else, but it automatically sent several auto contributes in a matter of seconds. I’d like the BAT returned as this was obviously a glitch. I’ve already contacted Uphold and Brave support several times. Please could somebody fix this?

Transaction IDs below








Closed as duplicate of For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug