Auto-Contribute after Update activated / BAT rewards lost?

Hey there,

I use Brave and Brave rewards on my Android Smartphone, Android Tablet and on my Windows Notebook and I am connected and veryfied with my Uphold wallet.

Somehow, there are transactions from my wallet to Brave Software International. Why?

Reservechain transaction ID
5 BAT from my wallet to Brave.

Reservechain transaction ID:
1 BAT from my wallet to Brave.

Auto Contribute was turned off all the time, but I had to find out, that it was turned on in the desktop version.

Somehow, the date when the transaction of 5 BAT was made, it was 16th October - a few days after the last dektop-update was installed and I am 100% percent sure, that I turned the feature off on all my devices.

Same in August! There was an Update a few days before the 1 BAT Transaction.

Please send Back the 6 BAT and fix this!


I have that kind of issue when 1.50 BAT has been transferred to Brave Software International. I also think that it is because the Auto Contribute was strangely turned on while it has always been turned off !
How could we get refund ?

Thank you.

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You can compare the date of the Transaction to the Brave changelogs.
I bet your transaction happened in October after the 10-12th, right?

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Yes indeed, it happened yesterday, on the 19th October !! Would someone from the staff of the Brave reward see this topic ?

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same here. i got my payment on october 5 and then the same amount has withdrawn by brave international.

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Hello everyone,
Any update on this topic ? Do you know if a staff member would get this notice or is this useless to open a thread here ?

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Hello. see this topic
the browser support did not return and … something curious happened since October 12 that I stopped receiving ads

Yes, the support refunded the 6 BAT directly to my Uphold.

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they didnt give me. no one cares

@ricardodn Sorry but either the link is broken or the topic is private.
@K2daOz This is great knew ! I hope they will refund all the us here.
@ensordemir patience, one of us here has been refund


@ mimitosu the topic was closed by steeven, at octuber 1st
Captura steeven closed

I didn’t realize about this because this topic was my first one and still didn’t know how to work this support system.

Thank you for the details ! Hope we’ll have a notice from the support very soon !


I have 3 devices, a main PC (where occur the issue), a notebook (from I can acces to the brave community) but since a 13 days It’s stopped recieving ads, and a phone, that have no issues
the notebook have this Issue since the last DM browser support’s answer. COINCIDENCE?
I hope that the support come back soon with the correct diagnostic cause I’ve just had an attempts to solve, and fails
yes indeed, soon

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For reference, here is another thread open for that kind of issue : BAT Coins Taken From me
Hope we will get refund soon :frowning:


Hello all,
Any updates on your lost BAT ? I still did not get refund


no bats giving back to me also

HI- I don’t received Ads since 10-17. I brought a new PC, then installed Brave, activated Ads in Rewards but I didn’t recieve anything in a week, nowertheless I recieve ads on my phone!! that is connected by wifi (same IP)
I don’t have any explanation by myself and I’m wating for the missing support yet, they were never coming back since 10-17!!

This is really strange indeed.
I still receive ads, but if it is for the funded BAT to be stolen again, it is kid of useless.
I still have not got refund for the 1.5 BAT of September.

 I don't know if the support staff is actually reading the threads here.


yes, I’am afraid that is happening, or…
it is something wrong with this browser that they can’t explain or solve

Are you still not getting any relevant ads on your brave browser ?

I mean, the browser is meant to send you relevant ads, based on your configuration but also based on the sites you go to. It might seem dumb, but if you are not using the browser, you won’t reveive any ads.

From my side, I have still not been refund. Following days I hope I will get the BAT for this month but if it is to be taken back to Brave Software Inc… that one of a kind to steal currency from people :open_mouth:

Hope our issues will get resolved soon