Mouse stuck (on macOS 10.11.6)

Description of the issue:
When Brave is started, after one or two seconds the mouse often remains stuck, sometimes the pointer disappears altogether. This affects the entire system while Brave is running.
The mouse returns to normal as soon as Brave is closed.

Brave and everything else work fine though, using keyboard.
CPU usage is normal, Brave starts up quite fast and is otherwise responsive.

As a workaround, I quit and restart until it doesn’t eat the mouse.

It happens since the last update, sadly I skipped a few and don’t remember the last version I’ve been using, though it was rather recent (> 1.24.85 for sure).

Incidentally, the update also fixed whatever had me use --disable-gpu before (not really sure which version actually did it, I’ve been running Brave with that switch since then).

How can this issue be reproduced?
Not sure.
Happens, intermittently but more often than not, on an iMac8,1 (x86_64) with macOS 10.11.6

Expected result:
Mouse functioning.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
It doesn’t seem to make a difference if there are other applications running or not.
I tried waiting for a good while but the mouse remains stuck.
I tried unplugging and reconnecting the mouse after the problem, no result.
I tried unplugging the mouse before running Brave and then reconnecting, no result.
Let me know if there’s something I can try.

Thanks for still supporting this OS version.

Hello – thanks for reaching out. I’m actually wondering if removing the --disable-gpu switch is what is causing the mouse issue. Can you test and see if you get the same behavior with the switch on?

Wow, thanks for prompt response!
Yes, I already tried putting back the gpu switch but happened the same.

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Very strange indeed. Can I ask if you have any extensions installed at this time?

No extensions installed.

Last test here before I reach out to the team for additional info – can you try creating and running a new temp. browser profile and see if you get the same behavior on startup?

Nevermind previous comment.
After a few attempts I made a new profile, and it’s picked up automatically. Still happens.

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I’ll reach out to some team members and see if anyone has any suggestions. Appreciate your patience.

No problem. A few restarts do the trick, then I leave it open. No big deal after all.

Update: I also tried --no-startup-window, no difference.
Problem persists on 1.27.111 and 1.28.105 .

Thank you for the information. Still not sure what exactly is happening here.
Would you be willing to download our Beta build and test and see if it exhibits the same behavior on startup?

Done. Problem still there.
Any idea what I could try to find out? Some dtrace incantation perhaps?

lemme ping the team again and see if I can get some more eyes on it. Appreciate your patience.

@elder-n00b When the mouse is refusing to work, can you open ☰ › More Tools › Task Manager within the browser and see which processes are using the most resources? Also, can you tell us a bit more about the mouse itself? Is this bluetooth or wired?

It’s a wired USB mouse. I had to replace the original one (also USB) with a generic USB mouse because the scroll wheel broke – but I still have it around, I’ll see if it makes any difference.
Duh, it didn’t occur me that could be a cause.
The replacement mouse did not require any driver or anything else, I just plugged it and it worked.

In Task Manager, “Browser” uses ~150MB memory and 0.3 CPU time (with a spike up to almost 3 while accessing the network). Second comes “GPU Process” with ~50MB and 0.0 CPU time at rest.

This time though, after a while it managed to block the keyboard too – in a very weird way: command-tab and the hot key to bring up iTerm2 “quake like” terminal worked, but I could not type anything.

I resolved to reboot.
edit: disregard previous assertion about the profile folder, I said rubbish. I’ll blame Finder :slight_smile: .

I’ll try some more times also with the original mouse, for now I post this in case I have to reboot again.

OK, I feel so dumb now… apparently it was the replacement mouse after all. Huge thanks.
I couldn’t reproduce again with the original one. Why did I not think about it.
An idea: the replacement mouse misses horizontal scrolling and the two side buttons.
Perhaps no other applications tried to use them or they do it in a way that doesn’t hang when they are missing.

Thanks again. Case closed. Will get original mouse replacement.


Glad to hear that you found the issue; please do let us know if you ever encounter any other obstacles while using Brave. We’re always happy to chat :slightly_smiling_face:

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