Can't click anything with mouse and it seems Brave related

I’m running ubuntu 20.04 - all current updates on OS & software. Logitech MX series mouse & trackball & keyboard.

“About Brave” Version 1.20.110 Chromium: 88.0.4324.192 (Official Build) (64-bit)

So I can move the pointer around but nothing can be clicked & the scroll wheel & F/B buttons don’t work. The keyboard works fine and I usually navigate with that to log off (which is how I had been fixing the issue).
I’ve tried plugging in another receiver (for another mouse) & that can’t click either.

This problem can happen randomly at any time, with a couple tabs/windows open or lots; with a few other programs open or not. I usually have the same ~8-10 programs running at the same time.

I now go to the terminal and type “kill -9 brave” which ends all the brave browser processes and after that I can use the mouse buttons again. This is a big step up b/c logging off was getting to be a real pain when you have tons of files open for work.

Even when I move to other windows I can’t click on anything until brave has been shut down. IDK what else it could be besides something in Brave. And TBH, I seem to recall the same thing happening with Chromium and Chrome starting around Oct which is why I looked at Brave. I was hoping that this issue hadn’t carried over to this browser.

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