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Hey! So i really like the brave browser. I switched from opera to brave because it’s really fast and private. The only thing i hate is the customizability of this browser. Like you can’t set a custom background in the new tab and more. One thing i would like is the sidebar too! I think brave will have way more users if they would add sidebar and more customizability. Like a have a lot of friends and they wont use brave just because there’s no sidebar. Oh and brave should work to block supercookies. You can test your browser on and i realized that brave doesn’t block it. I think this is the best browser. I hope they will add some more customizability :slight_smile:

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Sidebar is in the works.

There’s an issue/s logged for this IIRC

Tagging @fanboynz @pes for information on this.

No ETA just yet, but the last post;

The Chromium team is working on cache partitioning similar to Firefox’s implementation:

Brave will inherit this change as well once it’s ready.

Related report:

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Brave already protects against the attack demonstrated here. You can see so on the author’s description of the test here: Further, Brave was the first major browser to implement defenses against the attack demonstrated here.

About broader supercookie style protections, Brave already defends against most of the attacks covered because of how we implement third party storage (partitioned, and blocking service workers in 3p contexts). There are still a few remaining caches and the like that need partitioning (the DNS cache comes to mind, though there are others) where we’ll pull in changes as they land in the chromium code base. If you’re interested, you can track some of this work here and here (some of this has already been enabled in Brave too)

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