Customisability isn't brought up much why don't we bring it up? (along with other sugestions)

I have been using brave for almost a year now and I love it but there are a few things that make me constantly feel like switching to others like opera because of customizability I get you want brave to be the most secure browser in history and I don’t have a problem with that but I have an idea to allow users to choose how much security privacy and customizability they want. users like me love brave but also like other features from browsers like opera like I love opera’s sidebar and how I can be able to talk in things like discord in the background without having to open another tab I suggest that you add more customizability to the browser allowing users to choose features from other browsers that they like alongside features from brave I also request you to please work on new tab more and maybe add something like operas gx mode because some people like me like gaming I love brave and I never want to switch I hope it can continue evolving in the best ways possible

also just to bring this up I’m not saying brave has to add these features in their current browser if they are not comfortable with doing it in there current browser they can do it in another browser

also also this won’t force people to change their customizability if they like brave as it is they don’t have to change the settings or use the features

something like this would be nice

I haven’t used Opera so I’m unaware of their sidebar, but just wanted to let you know that Brave developers are actively working on a sidebar feature. It’s far from a complete product but you can check it out in Brave Nightly - You can enable the feature via brave://flags/#sidebar.

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thx for giving me this information of course I didn’t only mean the opera sidebar there are many more features other than the sidebar from other browsers that I would like brave to add such as the custom browser set up of Vivaldi and etc but to know that brave is adding some of the features is good

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also i would like if brave where to first change the new tab because even tho the pictures are nice it would be nice to be able to choose a background for new tab and to have more options for new tab and to be able to choose what background shows up

and id like if we got like a gaming version of brave as there is already brave, brave nightly and brave beta why not add brave gx or something like that

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