Improved UI visual concept

I’ve been using Brave for about a month and so far I have only one impression: it’s better than Chrome, but it still looks, works and feels like Chrome. I’m not a Chrome fan and for me it may become a problem. I need more:

  • sidebar for mobile websites (like on Vivaldi)
  • split screen to work with several websites (like on Maxthon)
  • 1-click pop-out video to save your time (like on Opera)
  • click tab to scroll top (like on Opera or Yandex)
  • ability to chose or pin images for a new tab (because some of them look awesome)

Today I see no reason to use Chrome if you can use Brave, but also I see not so many reasons to use Brave if you use something else (for example, Firefox, Cliqz, Opera or Vivaldi). Feel free to copy popular solutions, it’s OK!


Can I use this feature now. I mean thats the real screenshot of the brave, isn’t it? How did you add that sidebar with facebook/instagram etc.

Nope, this is just an image…