Moderately severe IPadOS bug repeatable on two devices (Crash report upon request)

Hello, there seems to be an issue for me with both installations of Brave on two separate ipads. (Though this doesn’t happen on my iphone and I can’t get the problem to happen there.)

Problem and recreation: If a video streaming site (Youtube) is left open with a video paused. At a later time when opening the brave browser, all website loading is broken. No website loads, ever, and just gives a blank white screen. You can still create a new tab, and enter the settings, but as soon as you try to enter a url, nothing loads. (It may happen more easily if you have multiple tabs open in the background, but I didn’t go that in depth with my testing)

Things I’ve tried: Closing the program completely. Restarting the device. Updating to IpadOS 17. Deleting and reinstalling the program.

Temporary solution: I found that if you open a new tab and select one of the thumbnails (links) in your favorites section by HOLDING it down to open up the little menu, websites IMMEDIATELY begin loading again. However, if I hold the button for too long, and the website loads with the menu still up, selecting anything after that point causes an immediate crash of the browser. This of course doesn’t fix the issue and I have to try again by quickly touching any empty space outside of the popup menu before the site can fully load.

Avoiding the issue: As long as you don’t let the devices sit locked with a video paused in the background, this problem never appears. This issue happens mostly with Youtube, but has happened with separate streaming sites as well.

Thanks for any help, and hopefully this is enough info. I don’t know how to tag people, so I can’t get Mattches or Michal to look into it.

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