Websites not working on Brave now?

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Not sure if this has been raised already but I am now finding that certain websites and username/password no longer work and I am having to use IOS browser more and it’s becoming annoying.

I like Brave and it’s many features but I am feeling more that I will be finding another browser if anymore issues keep appearing.


Any specific website you have problems with?

I’m having the same problem with the iOS version. Unable to scroll on many websites. iPhone 8

Any specific websites?

I am having trouble with websites as well. & are 2 such examples. I can’t play the videos on the website via the IOS Brave Browser app at all. It’s just a blank video screen

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I can provide screenshots as well for proof

Sure, what are you seeing?

Here are the screenshots of the websites where the video player just doesn’t work

I’m having similar issues on my iPads ever since the last update of Brave browser two days ago. I can no longer access comment sections on several engines like SB Nation or Disqus. On some the comments simply will not load and on sites where the login for comments is a pop-up box, the box will not fully render on the screen. There will be a small ghost image of the box that pops up, with an X in a circle in the corner allowing me to close it, but the box itself will not appear and I cannot enter credentials into it.

This issue does not occur with desktop Brave browser or Android, just the version on iPad, and it started immediately after the last update.

Fix for ios is incoming

I can not open, - infinite redirects happen.

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