Brave randomly reloading or crashing on several websites

  • Suddenly experiencing Brave browser reloading pages and crashing 2-3 times every 5 minutes or so while browsing on an iPad.

  • The browser also is loading then reloading all video pages on YouTube once the video starts which makes it impossible to watch them.

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled the browser and it did not solve the issue. Brave is up to date, so is iOS. Brave privacy settings haven’t been changed from default and the websites are not experiencing these errors on Firefox.

Same here! I thought it was just me. It is getting more frequent and it doesn’t matter what website I am on. I have made it this far on this post without “snap!”. Hopefully someone will answer this post soon.

I’m glad it’s not just me having this level of difficulty at least. I’ve used Brave for about a year and I’ve been happy with it until this point. It just crashed again while I was trying to reply to this, and this time actually booted me from my WiFi and sent my iPad into a dark screen with the spinning thing in the middle and it went to my Lock Screen. When it came back up it gave me the “this is embarrassing but Brave crashed” notice. I’m just uninstalling the app at this point until it’s fixed.

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