Browser keeps freezing and crashing

I don’t know why but using the browser, it keeps freezing, crashing and all I’m trying to do is watch Youtube videos. I am on IOS 15 if this helps and it’s iPad Pro. I’ve also noticed an issue where the browser doesn’t properly keep tabs where I left them.

Having the same issue. Additionally, mine crashes when I launch from time to time. Not only when watching videos.

No discernible reason or sequence of events before it crashes. It just happens.

The bowser will reopen tabs with the correct tab name but the URL is blank and the page does not load.

I have similar issue. Brave browser freezes up on startup almost every other time. Just started after upgrading to iOS 15.1.

iOS 15.1
iPhone 8+

Same here. Been using the browser for several months without issue. Couple weeks ago started freezing. Like all the time. Just become unresponsive for 10 seconds or so. Can’t type, can’t scroll, can’t click links…just frozen. Then pops back to life. This happens every few minutes. Has become unusable.

I’ve been forced to abandon Brave because of this. Will periodically check back. Hope to see a resolution soon.

do you have Rewards enabled?

We will ship a 1.32.3 build early next week which should help with all of those problems.

In the meantime you may try our public beta build
and see if this has resolved issues you had

1.32.3 is out, please check it out, you may need to go to app store manually to download the update.

Apologies for the late reply.

Have the new version now, will test and follow up.


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All looks to be working fine. Thanks!

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