YouTube is slow/lagged

I had this problem where half of the page is blank where I can scroll up and down but can’t see anything, being slow to open the keyboard, writing what I typed, loading the results and sometimes the video will continue playing without image just the sound.
The app crashes and I can’t press anything I close the app and open it again to make it work until I watch one video and it happens again.
I tried uninstalling and installing the app again, restarting my device and it still doesn’t work.
I’ve been dealing with this problem since the last week hoping that it would be fixed with the new brave update but it got worse.

July 10th: Refreshing the page kinda fix the video being stopped but it’s really annoying that you need to find where you left the video every time YouTube doesn’t work with brave.

And yes I checked if it was my connection but no it is not because I can open another tab and search anything while YouTube keep crashed.

My device: iPad 7th generation
Version: 16.5.1

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