Mobile is logged out from Uphold and cant Reauthorize

Since Januari my mobile account says “logged-out from Uphold”
When i use the link to log in, I can, but when i Reauthorize i get the message: "something went wrong, pleas try again . . I tried it for 3 weeks, but it does not work.
In Januari I got BAT from the PC on Jan 10. But the Mobile Bat I got on Jan the 17th.
In Feb i received the PC BAT on the 10th again, but never the BAT from my mobile.
Problem is, BRAVE dont let me login on my UPHOLD. Uphold is verified both on the PC and Mobile, and always worked. I have the latest versions of Brave and Uphold and completed CDD long ago. I can login in Uphold normall with my mobile. But it does not let me reauthorize with Brave.
Please help me to get me logged in and Reauthorized from brave again, so that i dont get that message “Something went wrong . . bla bla”

Same here. It keeps saying something went wrong, pls try again. I can’t verify my wallet and hence can’t receive the payout. Pls help? Thanks

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If you have the uphold app installed try uninstalling the app or setting the uphold app to not open the app by default in android app settings. After doing this try to verify rewards. If this works, then reinstall or back out the open by default setting if you changed that.


Thanks for the work and info Megaspaz.
That worked. Deleted Uphold from my phone, than conected to Uphold by browser online.
Now it is connected again to the Uphold acount. And i reinstalled Uphold on my mobile.

I guess my BAT from January will stay lost. It was just 3.5 BAT so no big problem. I did receive 2.2 BAT from my PC, so still something to be happy about.

You rock mate, and all your team mates that help us.

high regards

Hi Elustic,
It worked for me. I deleted Uphold from my mobile. Closed my mobile, started-up fresh.
Than from Brave i logged in in my account with the browser and got verified again.
Than reinstalled Uphold and all was OK.


I m unistall uphold and brave browser from mobile and install back, but cannot link brave rewards with uphold anymore. Brave say its unable to link cos have to much connected devices! In brave browser have two desktop and one Android phone in sync. Desktop brave is well linked on Uphold, but on android cannot? How make back reauthorize? All this is new for me, but i m stuck and cannt fix this problem.
I need clear steps to link my brave rewards on Android to Uphold and how to disconnect other devices what not using anymore??
Thank you

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Sorry for me this not working. I need directly help from brave support to remove all old devices.

Hello! My brave account fails on reauthorizing even though i tried the recommended action of uninstalling, restarting phone and reinstalling the uphold account. I mainly use my phone so it has a higher bat than my pc what should i do?

thanks to this solution

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