Android Brave logged out my Uphold account and I can't reautharize it anymore

I already connected my Brave browser to my Uphold account on Android but it was logged out for some reason. When I try to verify it again and login using my uphold account, the app is saying “Something went wrong. Please try again.” and the issue persists. What can I do at this point? My Uphold account has already received rewards from 2 of my computers in the past so there should be no issues connecting my android to it.


I think i have the same problem on my android device as well. I am using Brave nightly.

Application Version : Brave - Nightly 1.37.42

Operating System : Android 11; Build/RKQ1.200826.002

Uphold App - Version 4.32.1

I can’t reconnect Brave rewards to my uphold account, whenever i click on ‘continue to login’ it opens uphold app, then i click on reauthorize and i get the same error from uphold called ’ Something went wrong please try again’.

Here are the relevant screenshots

Please look into it. Also i have one more question - What will happen to my February Rewards ? Will i get them in my Browsers wallet?

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I have the same problem. Thanks to the guy with amazing Screenshots explaining the problem step by step👍🏼. I contacted uphold and they said there is no problem on their side.


Bois i know the solution, All you need to do is uninstall uphold and then try this again and hopefully it will work.
It worked for me.

Lucky you. Tried it and I’m still stuck with it. Now my rewards for January are gone and I can’t find them anywhere

I tried it. It worked. I was able to reauthorize my account. Lost my rewards for January though.

Mine are lost too but still no progress lol

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