Failure with logging in with uphold

It seems that I am connected with uphold for sending the BAT,but it is as I am logged off and I can not log in.
The previous months everything was ok.

After I m unistall brave and install back I cannot connect in settings on upload. What to do. I m contact before upload and they say from there is all connected. But now I cannot login in brave with upload on mobile.
Help please.
Thank you

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I have the same, I tried that, but it does not work anymore. I am in the EU.
My PC account works good and i get my BAT rewards.
On the Mobile, when login in to Uphold from Brave, i get the message "something went wrong, please try again . . . . endlessly.
I can login to Uphold normally, but not from Brave. I it says that I am logged out, and i cant log in from Brave.

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