I can't connect to uphold

No matter how many times I try to connect Brave to my UpHold account, I receive an error on from UpHold saying something went wrong. I have over 30 BAT now and still can’t access them.

I just lost all my BAT uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Can anyone help?

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@jpjp42079 I take it you’re using the Uphold app as well? Asking as that’s usually what causes the major issue. This is because the Brave browser is trying to connect to Uphold but if it instead opens the Uphold app, then Brave can’t finish its connection.

There’s two methods people usually use on that.

  1. Try to open a new tab , go to Uphold, and sign in. Then go back to other tab and go to Verify. With luck, it will see the connection from the other tab and will connect within Brave.
  2. Other option is to uninstall Uphold so it won’t open. Then you Verify and once it completes, you can put Uphold back on your phone and sign in.

If neither of those work or you say you didn’t have the Uphold app, it’s possible you’re at your wallet limit or something. Sometimes Android doesn’t specifically say it but instead will give the message you’re stating. If that’s the case, I’d suggest you try to reach out to @Mattches and give him your Wallet Info and all that you can find at brave://rewards-internals as well as your Uphold ID you can find in your Profile on Uphold. With that, he should be able to check things on his end and maybe unlink if needed.


Thank you for the response. While I was waiting for information, I tried to uninstall brave and reinstall and now my BAT is gone. Do you have any suggestions for that?

@jpjp42079 oh no! Yeah, uninstalling Brave gets rid of all BAT and usually there’s no way to recover it unless it’s a verified wallet. Without going into long spiel, BAT we earn on phone is called vBAT and is stored on our devices. Then eventually connects to verified wallet like Uphold or Gemini and they convert vBAT into BAT. Kind of like using Customer Rewards points for things, but they are the ones who accept and use it.

If you remove the browser, it erases all that vBAT that was saved. Whereas if Verified it would have transferred over and been held safely on that wallet.

Only chance you might have is if you, for some reason, had copied your Brave folders over before you did the reinstall, as it would have all your existing info there. (not sure if restore point to before the reinstall would do the same results?)

You can try to message @Mattches with the information I mentioned in my original comment, just in case he’s able to somehow save it for you. But no guarantees

Hello @Saoiray
Thank you for your help.
I had to uninstall the Uphold app, as logging-in in the browser was not enough. However, once the app was uninstalled, verifying the wallet in Brave on the phone worked like a charm! :slight_smile:


This is the issue and doing this allowed my android brave browser to sign in with uphold again. I follow the instructions signed into uphold via a new tab and then tried to reconnect my brave browser Android app again and it worked! This needs to be highlighted, stickied to the top, or a new thread made as a headline for those having the same issue as I did and others.

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