Having trouble authorizing uphold? Check here

I recently realized I wasnt receiving my bat when I normally would. This is referencing the brave app on an android phone. After troubleshooting I found some problems which Ive solved. Heres a checklist.

  1. Ensure that the Brave browser app is up to date
  2. Delete the Uphold app. This was the crux of my issue.
  3. Reauthorize the uphold wallet through the Brave rewards app. Since Uphold is deleted, reauthorization is forced through your browser instead. Make sure shields are DOWN for reauthorization.
  4. After successfully reauthorizing, feel free to download the uphold app again.

I received my BAT within 24 hours of successfully reauthorizing uphold.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Hi.ihave a problem of verify account.Ican’t receive properly my brave rewards because my wallet is to verify .But when i make the process,i get this:"it seems that your brave rewards to be verified by another uphold account.How to solve the problem?

Hola, no recibo mi bat en uphold. Que bueno sería que todo esto es este en español…

No recibo mis token bat de recompensas. Que pasa?

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