Bat from mobile phone account?

Good Afternoon, I was just wondering if there is an update to the "
Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account ".
My android was one of the ones that had tokens showing zero a couple of months ago. The team here was able to fix the problem and now my tokens show up. Last months payout said I couldn’t withdraw because you need 25 tokens earned. I’m well over that and patiently waited until this month and I’m now over the 25 tokens for the 2 month period. I actually have 224.5 including the bat that was restored to the wallet.

There is no update. It seems there is no solution.

I actually think they are working on it. But just like any software bugs are found. Steven and the team at Brave has always come through in the end. I was just wondering if there was an update that’s all.

Should be out very soon. Thanks for your patience.

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message has been sent sir @steeven

When? Next month? Next next month? Next next next month?

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