Missing Payouts


I’ve been following different threads on multiple platforms regarding this issue before posting on here as last resort.

I use Brave Browser on 2 computers I am currently on version 1.28.105 and I have a verified Uphold account linked to Brave.
On my main computer I had accrued around 2 BAT and following the update to V1.27 the estimate dropped to 1.98 BAT and around 0.28 on my secondary computer. In the past I have been able to Claim the rewards but this time, on the 7th of August, I was not.

I received a single payout to my uphold account of just 0.42 BAT on the 7th and the estimates, on both devices disappeared before I even got to claim it.

I find it quite difficult to believe that an estimate of over 2 BAT, once recalculated with the update would net an actual payout of 0.4 BAT, moreover I have read that I should be receiving one payout for each device I use brave on.

I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light on this issue and hopefully figure out where the rewards have gone.

Thank you

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