Missing BAT, received 0.25 BAT instead

I have verified Uphold wallet that I use with Brave. Looking at the status page it says the payout is complete for Verified Uphold wallets.

I mainly use brave on 2 devices and this month I received 2 payments of 0.25BAT to my Uphold wallet. However I earned a lot more than just 0.25 in brave ads.

Please could someone look into the missing BAT that I haven’t received.

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Hi, kind of same problem for me, except i don’t have a verified wallet.
But i use brave on two laptops and i received 0.25 BAT on both accounts, even though i know i should have receive more.

Could somebody know how to figure this out plz ?

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having the same problem and can’t get any of the Brave people to respond to me on here. looking through this forum it seems to be an old and common issue. don’t know why it’s only being selectively fixed.

Everytime I view an ad my BAT doesn’t change but my USD decreases? Why?

  1. Screen shot from yesterday

  2. Screen shot now.

I have had exactly the same problem, and payout amount, but with gemini wallet. Brave on my phone is not yet linked to a wallet and that received the full estimated amount.

@Karends309 the amount shown is in your wallet, and will not change until the next reward payout. The theoretical amount paid is estimated (see ad settings to check current ads received and estimated reward). The value of BAT floats on the crypto market and it’s value can fluctuate, that is normal.

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