Estimated Earnings got disappeared without payout

Yesterday when I opened Brave Browser I didn’t got the payout. When I opened Browser today I saw that some BAT are disappeared from one of my profiles Estimated Earnings. Yesterday I has 12.200+ BAT today it is 3.875 BAT and I didn’t get the payout yet and I have a verified Uphold account. Please recover my disappeared BAT and settle my payout quickly.

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balance will store on your uphold that’s you earn from previous month

Hi, I had over 8 bats in my account before November 5th 2020, and they are gone. I have checked my uphold account and all recent activity and they were never transferred. It’s as if they just vanished. Is there a way to get them restored? I am using the most recent and up to date Desktop Browser ( V1.16.72 ).

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I have the same issue, all the BAT for the October is gone and I didn’t get it on my uphold account too!!!

Anyone knows what’s going on?

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Same issue here. Verified wallet and poyouts completed with nothing going into my wallet but my estimated rewards dissapeared

hi guys, same here. This is another thread detailing similar issues that have been experienced by numerous users: BAT disappeared from Estimated rewards pending

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Me too, BAT earned from MacOS have been deposited to my Uphold wallet, but I have 2 more pc which is windows didn’t received the earned BAT and the estimated pending reward is deducted too even though they claimed that payout process is completed

@steeven - linking you into this one aswell. Thanks

Hello everyone @netagtuce @evilman123 @ariffudin @hawbir @TheNeighborhoodTalk

if you still have same issue check this one

and have a nice day everyone

he reply your dm but i send 3 DM and no one reply :grin: 1 week passed . i give up

Same, dm too but never reply

Hi all, it seems like the estimated pending rewards for October, have been restored to my browser wallet, on my Windows 10 desktop.

I still haven’t received an ad on my desktop since the 07/11. No local configuration changes have been made on my desktop and browsing habits are the same.

@steeven and @tmancey - thank you for the opportunity for the screenshare on Tuesday and for restoring the BATs to the estimated pending rewards (for October ads). Can you pls advise if you have had any luck in determining the reason for my desktop not being able to connect with the ads server? Also, can you pls advise when the restored pending rewards for October ads, will be credited to my Uphold account? (i’m assuming it will be in the Dec 6th run).


@locky46 Could you email me at with your wallet id, if you have already sent apologies however I cannot reconcile your name here with any emails. Thanks

@tmancey Thanks for the reply, I have just emailed you all the details. Pls let me know if there is anything else that you require from my end. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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I will be at my desk in a couple hours, and will check into this. Thanks

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@tmancey - just checking in to see if you have had any luck with the troubleshooting of my issue? Thanks

@locky46 Hi, I have replied via email. Thanks, Terry

Same with me. I lost part of my BAT a couple of times on my Android app. Its kinda frustrating as I can only get the rewards on my uphold account after collecting 25 BAT. This way I will never get to that amount. Also for some reason I didn’t get paid for several months from my PC version of Brave. It just keeps cumulating.

Hello @tmancey , excuse me, I present the problem that many users have, about the payment of ads on December 5, which to date I have not received yet, I am from a verified uphold wallet, but still nothing that the payment reaches me, I have sent many DM and nothing, please if you can give me a solution I would appreciate it

Hi! Can you please email the payment id from https://rewards-internals to mentioning your community name, so I can look into this for you. Thank you, Terry